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---Terms used in the e-cigarette world along with their meanings.---


Adapter -

Used to allow specific style of atomizer or cartomizer to fit onto a different style of battery


Analog -

Slang term for a traditional cigarette


Atomizer -

The part of an e-cigarette that actually heats the eJuice to the point of vaporization.


Automatic -

A style of e-cigarete battery that does not have a button to activate the heating element. Rather, when the user draws on the device, a switch is activated and the atomizer heats the eJuice.


Battery -

The part that provides power to the heating element. This allows the heating element to heat the eJuice and produce vapor.


Cartridge -

A tube-like piece that is usually stuffed with some sort of absorbent filler material that holds the eJuice.


Cartomizer -

A cartridge and atomizer in a single unit.


Charger -

A battery charger. This is used to recharge your e-cigarette battery once it has been depleted.


Coil -

(Heating Element) A thin wire that heats up when battery voltage is applied.


Drip Tip -

Mouthpiece used to draw the vapor into your mouth.


E-Cig -

Abbreviation for Electronic Cigarette.


eJuice -

Also referred to as E-Liquid, Juice or Smoke Juice. This is the liquid that is vaporized when using an e-cigarette.


eGo -

A style of e-cigarette that utilizes the 510 threads and allows one to use 510 components but with a much larger battery.


Electronic Cigarette (Abbreviated E-Cig) -

A device that heats up a liquid solution consisting of nicotine, propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin plus flavorings to a point where it actually turns into a vapor which can be inhaled.


Filler Material -

Material placed inside of a cartridge that is absorbent. It is used to help keep the eJuice inside of the cartridge and deliver it to the atomizer at an optimal pace (so as not to flood the device).


Flooding -

Something that can occur when too much eJuice is applied to the atomizer. since atomizers require some air to properly vaporize liquid, adding too much eJuice to an atomizer will cause a decrease in vapor production and flavor.


Leaking -

This can happen when too much eJuice is added to an atomizer or cartomizer. eJuice can leak out of the bottom of the heating element.



Abbreviation for Light Emitting Diode


mg -

Abbreviation for Milligrams


mL -

Abbreviation for Milliliters.


Mod -

A design variation of a commanly manufactuerd e-cigarette. Mods typically use larger rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries and allow the user longer battery life and increase vapor production. Many Mods will also allow the user to increase or decrease the voltage of their device to achieve optimal performance.


Ohm -

A measure of electrical resistance. A lower number indicates lower resistance and therefore faster heating.


Passthrough -

A device that plugs directly into the USb port of a chrger and allows the user to vape without having to worry about battery life.


Pen Style -

One of many styles of e-cigarette available. Slightly resembles a ball point pen in appearance.


Personal Vaporizer (Abbreviated as PV) -

Another name for an e-cigarette. usually used in reference to more untraditional style e-cigs.


Propylene Glycol (Abbreviated as PG) -

An ingredient found in many brands of eJuice. This is one of the ingredients used that when heated will produce vapor that can be inhaled. Typically, PG produces less vapor than its VG counterpart but provides more flavor and Throat Hit. This substance has been used as a primary ingredient in medical inhalers for years.


Starter Kit -

A kit that includes basic e-cigarette equipment. Typically includes everything needed to begin vaping. Most starter kits come with 1 or more atomizers, 1 or more batteries, a USb charger, a wall charger and a bottle of eJuice.


Throat Hit -

The tingliing feeling one feels in the back of the throat when vaporizing eJuice that contains nicotine. Typically, since nicotine is a larger cantributing factor in the throat hit, when a eJuice that contains zero nicotine is vaporized, there is little throat hit.


Vape -

The action of "smoking" an e-cigarette. Since e-cigs actually produce vapor (rather than smoke) people refer to this as "Vaping".


Vapor Cigarette -

A term used to refer to an e-cigarette. This term is used commonly due to the water vapor that is exhaled when using an e-cig.


Vegetable Glycerin (Abbreviated as VG) -

An ingredient found in many brands of eJuice. This is one of the ingredients used that when heated will produce vapor that can be inhaled. Typically, VG produces more vapor than its PG counterpart but provides less flavor and Throat Hit.


Wick -

A narrow piece of poly string that is inside of many styles of atomizers that allows easier delivery of eJuice to the heating element (coil).


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